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The value of knowledge

Corsi di informatica

IT Courses: Skills are one of the most significant and strategic values for companies.

Simatica – IT Academy designs, organizes and manages dedicated and personalized IT information technology courses and activities, including non-repayable loans, with the aim of supporting, updating and enhancing the staff involved.

IT courses: services and training advice

The interventions, aimed at employees of companies and organizations, unemployed people, staff with professional retraining needs, are organised as follows:

  • Company check-up and training requirements analysis
  • Identification of ESF and inter-professional funds (Fart, Strong, Training Account, Fon.ter, Enterprise Fund, etc.) for funded training
  • Preparing training plans
  • Identifying teachers and content experts
  • Providing equipped computer classrooms in Ravenna
  • Delivery of IT courses
  • Organizing and managing corsial activities at all stages

Find IT courses that suit your needs:

We manage the design, organization and coordination of training activities using experienced teachers and consultants.

Our certifications allow us to provide IT courses for both technical and non-specialist staff.

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Training proposals for IT courses

  • Data management with Excel

  • Management control tools

  • AutoCad 2D and 3D

  • Power Pivot

  • Web/Social Media Marketing: E-Commerce and Online Sales

  • Solid Edge

  • Database and Big Data

  • Web and mobile application development

  • Visual FX and Green Screen

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Our workstations

Our classroom is able to accommodate up to 14 participants offering them a convenient work area.

It is set up with respect for comfort and safety and has the most modern equipment to support the educational IT Courses activity:

  • 14 workstations, equipped with Wacom graphics tablet
  • 14 ergonomic chairs
  • Video projector
  • SmartMedia media whiteboard with 70-inch touch screen
  • Network printer

Our IT courses teachers

Alessandro Contadini

Web Marketing Manager

Web Marketing Senior & teacher, Social Media Marketing, SEO, E-commerce

IT CoursesIT Courses

Marco Miccoli

AutoCAD System Trainer

Experienced lecturer with many years of experience in CAD design, Solid Edge and mechanical design

IT Courses

Samanta Villa

Design & Software Trainer

Lecturer of many years of experience in Office, Graphics, Software Design & Web Design

IT Courses

Mara Ballanti

IT Courses Academy Manager

Office Automation, Database Management, Problem Solving

IT CoursesIT Courses

Paolo Cellarosi

Software Factory Manager

Software Development Manager, Software Analyst, Software Developer, Computer Science Lecturer

IT CoursesIT Courses

Francesco Pirottina

ICT consultant, ICT Trainer

Trainer and consultant, Computer Technician, System Engineer programmer

IT CoursesIT Courses

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Our Certifications

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