Why do companies need an Online Marketing Agency?

Many companies in the Ravenna, Forlì Cesena, Rimini and Bologna areas have invested in online activities and presence by creating one or more websites, Facebook and instagram pages, YouTube channels and much more without the help of an online marketing agency.

These investments are expensive in terms of time, money and creativity, and lots of companies haven’t achieved sufficient results to justify them.

This often happens due to the lack of a Web Marketing Plan. In other words, an overall strategy that, before choosing the platform and creating content based on internal discussions within the company, identifies a list of measurable objectives to be achieved. The Web Marketing Plan simply is what an online marketing agency does.

Without measurable objectives, it will not be possible to answer the fundamental question: knowing how much we spent on internet marketing, how much have we earned?

Therefore, Simatica proposes a meeting, for companies looking for an Online Marketing Agency, where we all define which are the most importan actions that can be performed online by the visitor.

Examples of online achievable goals are:

  • Request a quote
  • Making an appointment with the salesman
  • Download a discount coupon
  • Find the nearest store

Once the desired action is established by the visitor, our online marketing agency creates the Web Marketing Plan tailored to the company.

Online Marketing Agency methodology:

Our Online Marketing Agency follows a methodology divided into three different analysis:

  • Quantitative analysis: what keywords are used in the reference online market to search for the company’s products / services?
  • Qualitative analysis: what are the qualifying aspects of the product / service when looking for it online?
  • Competition analysis: which companies appear in search engines before the client’s company when we search the keyword found in the quantitative analysis?

Once the answers to all these questions have been found, what has been learned about the company’s online market is represented in a complete mockup, with conversions and call-to-action, which is then discussed down to the smallest detail with the stakeholders of the project. .

With the approved mock-up, the site goes into construction. Once published, our Online Marketing Agency proceeds with the SEO activity and the preparation of a social media marketing plan connected to the website to maximize conversions.

Simatica treats each keyword of each project language as a different market with its specific content marketing and competition.

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