Software House: Attendance Application for Hypertec

Simatic is also a Software House. We design and build ad hoc software systems that meet your needs for Web, Mobile, Windows. We follow you with our support service and organize the training of users. An example of a company that has chosen Simatica as Software House to develop its presence detection application is Hypertec.

What problem did Hypertec want to solve?

  • Automate the sending of employee attendance data to the company that processes payroll.
  • Monitor employee attendance and overtime management.

Why did you choose our Software House?

Hypertec has long been a customer of Simatica for information systems management. Being satisfied with our work they decided to ask our Software House for analysis and budget for the development of the application.

Where did we start to look for a solution?

First Simatica met Hypertec: we asked what the needs were and what were the results they wanted to achieve, with this information we carried out the analysis and proposed our solution.

What was the final solution?

The final solution involved developing an app that is used by all employees and replaces the physical stamping badge.

A back-office that analyzes employee attendance and reimbursements, processes them and prepares files that are then sent to their payroll manager.

How long did it take to implement it?

From the first meeting to the release of the first version it has been about 5 months.

What benefits or results did Hypertec achieve in the immediate future?

  • reducing the time it takes to prepare data for payroll
  • a “discount” for each paycheck, every month. The payroll company gives Hypertec a discount on the processing of each paycheck if the data is passed electronically by the software made by Simatica.

What benefits and results has it achieved over time?

Through the app and the backoffice Hypertec is able to control any misbehaviors of employees, automatically manage overtime (managing the actual minutes), with also economic savings.

Having purchased ad-hoc developed software for their needs, it was also possible to customize the integration with the corporate CRM.

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