Employee Time Clock App

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The Employee Time Clock App allows the company to monitor employee attendance, expense and travel hours management, and overtime management. The physical stamp badge is replaced by the app used by all employees.

The Employee Time Clock App solution consists of an app that can be installed on Android and IPhone phones and a back office that can be used via the web.

The Employee Time Clock App allows you to remotely stamp with NFC (Android only) or QRCode. If the employee is at a location where neither the NFC tag nor the QRCode is available, they can use the "Mark Now" function of the App that records the entry time and location selected by the employee. In the case of NFC and QRCode, you do not need to select the location because it is already programmed within the tag.

Number of employees manageable by the Employee Time Clock App

It is currently installed at companies that manage a hundred employees among employees and consultants, but the number of employees does not affect the decision to use the application. In fact, the adoption of the software does not require significant investments in terms of infrastructure (badges, badge readers or otherwise) as the Employee Time Clock App is installed on employees' mobile phones.

Timings with the Employee Time Clock App

  • The employee can view the date and time of the last stamp on the App. The back office instead shows all employee stamps.
  • Stamp data is stored in a SQL Server database on an enterprise server.

Advantages of the Simatica Employee Time Clock App over other solutions

Attendance software is easier to use because the rules that are used are built ad-hoc with the customer and for the customer.

  • It is possible to export the data stored for the processing of payroll, in different formats, indicated by the customer.
  • You can customize the control prints and integrate it with any other software in the company.
  • Simatic includes a package of hours of training along with the purchase of the product and the customer can at any time request hours of COMPUTER consulting and additional training.

Employee Time Clock App users can contact support on the phone or by email either for help using the system and to report any anomalies.

Advantages of the Simatica's Employee Time Clock App over Excel

Using the software instead of excel reduces the risk of data loss, and the back office can track employee hours and expenses, and the company can automatically produce attendance data to send to the payroll processing company.

Advantages over Free Employee Time Clock Apps

Purchasing the software and renewing the annual service fee ensures that the customer can contact Simatica support if necessary.

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    Employee Time Clock App

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