Why is it necessary to have a SEO consultant?

Almost all companies in Ravenna, Forlì Cesena, Rimini and Bologna have created a website but some have done it without the help of a SEO Consultant. The consequence is that many of them complain that the site is not receiving traffic.

Business websites get traffic from Google in two ways:

  • by those who search the name of the company
  • by those who search with generic keywords

If the company wants to find new customers, by definition, these will not be the ones who search the name of the company: in fact, they already know it.

Consequently, in order to be discovered by new customers, our company website must appear in generic keyword searches.

This is only possible if there are pages on the website named as the searched keywords. How many times have you seen a page in Google results that does not contain the keyword you are looking for in the title and in other parts of the page?

For a variety of reasons, however, many companies have decided not to use keywords, or a SEO consultant, to title their website pages. In this sense, a page called “About Us” has zero probability of appearing in Google search results (who searches “about us” on Google?), as well as a page called “Products” for the same reasons.

However, the absence of a SEO consultant has often led companies to accept standard page names which are therefore not company specific by definition.

In many cases, the company has therefore taken time and resources to create a website that can only be seen by those who already know it. Consequently, the website they have publishe can’t become an effective marketing tool for finding new customers.

How does the SEO Consultant help the company find new customers?

Simatica’s SEO Consultant performs quantitative analysis that allows you to find out which keywords are most searched for by people who can realistically bring a webistes’s page to the search engine results.

Let’s take the example of a company that produces kitchens. The SEO Consultant will discover that the most searched word by those looking for a kitchen is “Modern Kitchens” because it is searched every month by 40 thousand people.

If a page on the kitchen manufacturer’s website were to end up among those search results, the goal of acquiring new customers would be achieved because those who searched for it do not know the company but need a kitchen.

Obviously, if the relevant page on the company website is called “Innovation kitchens” there will be zero chance of ending up in the search results Modern kitchens.

Just rename the page from “Innovative Kitchens” to “Modern Kitchens” to drastically improve the chances of appearing in search results.

Discovering these words and using them to label the contents of the company’s website is what a SEO Consultant knows best.

Simatica makes use of the experience of Alessandro Contadini, a SEO consultant who has been helping companies in Ravenna, Forlì Cesena, Rimini and Bologna for 20 years to be found on the internet by those looking for their products or services.

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