CRM is a winning strategy for your business


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One of our flagship products is the SiProject, a complete software that integrates various functions and one of the main ones is the CRM one.

What is a CRM?

First of all, CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, it is a program for customer management or rather a system for interacting and maintaining relationships more effectively with your customers or potential customers, companies and individuals.

It is a winning business strategy: a new working and process management method which, through the achievement of organizational efficiency, allows to increase company turnover while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. It is a new market logic that places the customer and not the product at the center of the business.

What is a CRM used for?

CRM is used by companies to organize their customer database, as well as manage the profiles of acquired and potential customers, so as to subsequently design activities and strategies that on the one hand help to capture new customers and on the other hand to maximize profits on loyal customers, trying to understand their needs and expectations.

With CRM we mean a business strategy that uses marketing concepts and tools, information systems and organization, for the management of the long-term relationship with the customer and his loyalty.

Thanks to SiProject it is also possible to:

  • Manage leads deriving from commercial activities

  • Evolve leads in negotiations

  • Negotiate leading to the formulation of offers

  • Confirmed offers automatically become orders that trigger the billing process

Can using a CRM improve my business?

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to sell products and services in a national market that cannot be defined as growing, but rather characterized by the fall in prices and the decline in the services provided.

Here is how the use of a CRM, the social networking with the customer that follows and the maintenance of all the events that have characterized the relationship with him to better understand his needs, can make a difference and bring added value to that company that wants to emerge and stand out in today’s market.

Which companies need a CRM the most?

CRM is a marketing strategy, therefore it is not linked to individual categories of companies or specific sectors of activity.

The purpose of CRM is to increase customer satisfaction by improving the ways of relating and interacting with him. For every company it is very important to learn how to relate to each of them in the best possible way, identify the customers of greatest value and put into practice solutions that can guarantee the customer a quality response.

However, the SiProject is not only a marketing tool for finding new business opportunities, but it is also useful as a support to the ordinary activity of managing the relationship with the customer, from his first request for information or a quote, to after sales assistance.

I have a small business and I don’t have many customers, can I use a CRM too?

Sure! It is also essential for your company to satisfy customers in order to establish itself and surpass the competition, regardless of their number or the size of the company itself.

Customer loyalty is a strategic goal for market supremacy and, moreover, keeping already acquired customer costs significantly less than what a company would have to incur to acquire a new one. To obtain it, it is important to know the customer thoroughly in such a way that he perceives that he is truly at the center of your attention. One of the best tools, which allow you to improve relationship management and more, is our CRM.

Frequent questions

Is it simple to use?

Yes, it is very intuitive and user friendly. The graphics and interface of the program are very reminiscent of Microsoft Office.

Can I use it on tablets and smartphones?

There’s a tablet application, but for smartphones it would not be recommended because the screen is too small, you could possibly use the web version.

Does a CRM cost a lot?

Usually the price varies from the number of accounts that you create and that have the right to access them. Our policy in this regard is different: the price is fixed regardless of the number of users! In fact, we believe that a CRM expresses its maximum potential based on how many more people have access to it and enrich it with information, data collected and customer orders.

How to get it for free

We also offer the possibility of discounted rates especially for micro-enterprises that request it, or even there could be the possibility of using our CRM for free by taking advantage of state subsidies or any calls that provide for it. In this regard, we invite you to consult our Non Repayable Loan area to find out if there are any news or offers in this regard. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us for more information, for example by filling out the appropriate form on the page.

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