What are the requirements to become an innovative start-up and get business start-up grants (certification for facilities)

To get business start-up grants, companies need the following requirements:

  1. being less than 60 months old
  2. having as a predominant social object the delivery of innovative products/services
  3. Having at least one of these three elements:
    • spending on research and development of 15% or more
    • team formed for at least 1/3 of PhD or at least 2/3 of the members with master’s degrees
    • patent or registered software.

It also serves that it did not distribute profits and did not arise from mergers or corporate splits.

Can Simatica help me get business start-up grants?

Simatica follows the company since its inception. We then work to gain it recognition as an innovative start-up and get business start-up grants by advising on all the steps: from applying for Ateco codes to applying to the business register.

Can you give me access to funds and funding to get business start-up grants?

Simatic keeps track of calls for innovative start-ups to get you business start-up grants. Subsequently, it carries out a feasibility study of the project, drafts the technical report agreeing with the entrepreneur on the contents and follows the project until its complete realization and reporting. If the company is then selected for a check by the fund-dispensing body, it also supports it at this stage and is present at the control alongside the entrepreneur. Funds can come from the Chamber of Commerce, Region, State or European Union.

How many years can Simatica keep giving me business start-up grants?

Five years after the birth of a company, by definition, it is no longer an innovative start-up, but it can become an innovative SME and access further contributions. So the funding can keep going.

How did Simatica achieve in getting grants, contributions and deductions for innovative start-ups?

Simatica achieved 100% success in submitting calls with business start-up grants as subjects. Innovative start-ups accompanied by Simatica have therefore always received concessions, contributions and deductions for the company.

Can you help me create an innovative start-up with a social vocation and get me business start-up grants?

Simatica has not followed social start-ups so far but we are able to do so.

What is an innovative start-up with a single partner?

Anyone can get business start-up grants, from the age of 18 years old, and it can also be set up as a single member.

What are innovative start-ups without a notary?

The new rules on companies provide for the establishment of companies, not exclusively start-ups, with digital signature online and without the intervention of a notary.

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