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For customers who have signed an IT Help Desk agreement and have the credentials provided, you can connect to the help desk system, where you can open and monitor support requests.


IT Help Desk agreement in Ravenna

Simatica offers IT Help Desk contracts based on the needs of the company. It does it by operating in the areas of Ravenna and Forlì Cesena.
The most popular contract is the prepaid one but annual and multi-year contracts are also available.

Interventions can take place on-site or in remote assistance via Teamviewer, Hyperius, Vpn, Remote Desktop with restricted access.

The progress of the intervention is always monitored online thanks to the User Access Portal assigned directly to the customer for rapid and transparent management of interventions.  In order to not risk losing the solutions that have worked in the past there is the “Solutions Archive” with a saved history of the problems solved.

In addition, the IT Help Desk operator responds from Monday to Friday 8.30am-12.30pm-6pm.

Guaranteed intervention times

Response times for cloud support type:

  • 1 hour and 30 for blocking problems
  • 3 hours for major issues
  • 6 hours for non-blocking problems but still disabling

After the ticket is opened, IT Help Desk assistance takes place within 2 working days.


Simatica’s IT Help Desk support staff is certified on the technologies used and has proven experience. IT Help Desk assistence takes into account the latest updates and within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

IT Help Desk: Network Monitoring

Simatica’s network monitoring system provides you with IT Help Desk support at a server, network and client level (such as routers that are not working, stuck servers, insufficient server disk space, ram criticality, overheating equipment, etc.).

Once the criticality is identified, an email alert is triggered in order to allow for faster intervention and, as a result, a reduction in the downtime of the systems. Graphical alarms with network patterns or real machine photos are configurable for rapid failure identification. This minimizes IT infrastructure disruptions and the economic impact of a possible system crash.

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