The importance of having a Management control system

Management control system

SiProject is a comprehensive Management control system for your organization.

A simple and complete control panel.

For each job, the work team shares, depending on the role, the information needed to successfully manage the work.

In summary, the Management control system organizes the following information:

Master data

Each job provides information that is required for both the tasks and the information required to run the analysis reports. Reports that can be sorted by type, period, accountability center, etc. Users with the necessary permissions can configure the job card. Configurations can remove unnecessary information or add new information as needed.


These include references. They can be the customer, the customer’s contacts, any external collaborators and any other organizations involved in the process. These are linked to the personal information that enriches the general company data.

Work planning

Work on the Management control system is scheduled for each job. It is done in stages and tasks, so that it serves as the basis for budgeting and quotations and allows for variance control between budget and budget. You can also create planning models for jobs of the same type to help you plan. You can still change the planning structure from a template.

Budgeting and control

Depending on the planning of the work, the direct costs of the job, the evaluation of indirect costs and the objectives of margins, an economic forecast of the job is created. Then, during the progress of the job, the ‘job progress’ statuses are generated. These states allow you to check the progress according to the budget and highlight any negative deviations so that you can act promptly on the work team or towards the client as soon as possible.

Flushing the activities of employees

The discharge of the working time of the employees on the orders allows to automatically determine the progressive cost of the contract with regard to the cost of the staff and the expenses of the employees.

Document-related administrations

From the job card, authorized users can view documents such as orders, invoices, check payment status, create sales orders for job integration, create purchase orders for materials or assignments to external consultants.

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    Management control system

    Management control system: Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a Management control system make me stop using Excel?

    This is precisely the purpose of our management, but it will still be possible to export any data, analysis or information in Excel format.

    Can it be suitable for construction engineers?

    Yes, as with any service company.

    Can you use this Management control system on the web?


    Is it true that it brings together everything related to a single order and I can see it in one place?


    Does it allow the management of both the administrative and technical part of the various documents that compose it?

    Yes, for the management of the administrative part, the appropriate documents are generated. For the technical part, you can attach documents in any type of format.

    Does it allow you to read the various stages in which it is divided?

    Of course: it creates them and allows for total management.

    Does it allow the organization and exchange of the activities of the team?

    Yes. For example, you can create reminders for team members, but you can also record the download times.

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