Business Intelligence: User-customizable analysis and reports

Discover the importance of organizing your business intelligence.

Organizing your data warehouse and studying it through customizable analyzes and reports has never been easier.

Business intelligence
  • SiProject has a rich reporting system that includes a set of ready-made summary tables and graphs. But above all it also allows the end user to create their own reports. These are then stored in the system and become available to all authorized colleagues.
  • Through this powerful business intelligence software, on all the information present in the system, it is possible to realize:
    • tabular reports, for example a customized print to be delivered to the customer with details of the work reports per order
    • pivot tables, for example a quarterly summary by business unit that reports revenue, costs and job margins
    • and graphs, for example a monthly trend of the production value on all the information present in the system
  • You can use the KPI function to define performance indicators and collect them in appropriate scorecards.

Business Intelligence: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it useful for cutting costs?
    Yes, because it is useful for understanding what to improve, how to optimize certain processes or where the inefficiency of your business intelligence lurks.
  • Is it useful for increasing profits?
    Yes, because through the statistical analysis and report system it is possible to analyze and understand the various phases, the weaknesses and strengths of our commercial activities, thus understanding which aspects should be improved and which ones should be maintained because they are already effective.

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    Business Intelligence

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