What are Chamber of Commerce 4.0 Vouchers

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A digitized voucher is a fixed amount financing. It is provided as part of an investment project for the digitization of SMEs and micro-enterprises.

Industry 4.0 is the industry that implements interconnected advanced technology tools.

Among others, the Chambers of Commerce of Ravenna, Bologna, Modena, Romagna and Ferrara grant digitization vouchers. These are granted for the digitisation of SMEs and micro-enterprises that make these types of investments in digitalisation.

Who can get the Digitized Voucher

Micro-enterprises and SMEs that want to invest in new digital technologies.

In what areas you can benefit from digital vouchers

There is a detailed list that defines 4.0 technologies, such as the Internet of Things, big data, and augmented reality.

How can Simatica get me the Voucher digitized?

Forlì Cesena, Rimini, Bologna, Modena and Ferrara perform these steps:

  • performs an analysis of the company
  • then identifies the fields in which these new processes can be introduced
  • he then presents the project
  • and finally follows the whole process until the contribution is collected by the company

Does simatica send the application to the Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, Simatica submits the application to the Chambers of Commerce of Ravenna, Forlì Cesena, Rimini, Bologna, Modena and Ferrara through a specific portal (Telemaco). It does so both through its own access to Telemaco, and by teaching SMEs and micro-enterprises to use their credentials. At the end of all this, the documents must be digitally signed by the company and then uploaded to the portal.

What incentives and/or facilities can I use?

These are grants (non repayable loan funds) with a maximum of 5,000/10,000 per company. However, there are increases for those companies that have a legality rating, which you can get thanks to the help of Simatica.

Types of investment allowed

Three types of expenses are allowed: hardware, software and IT consulting for the drafting of the company’s digital innovation plan.

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