Ticketing system:
Project Service Automation

The ticketing system developed by Simatica is called Project Service Automation. Manages the opening of maintenance and service requests both in it systems ( systems, software, websites, apps) and for electricians, plumbers and other professionals.

From reporting the problem, to taking charge by a technician to resolving and then reporting.

Companies that can benefit from a ticketing system such as Project Service Automation have more than 10 employees.

The application does not work on projects, but on requests for intervention, interventions and construction sites. There are no tasks but there are preset check lists that help the employee at various stages of the intervention. For example, for an intervention type, all the operations to be performed and the checks to be done are defined.

Why does a company need a ticketing system?

When managing the interventions of dozens of technicians in the territory, it is not always easy to optimize travel, time planning, track progress. A ticketing system allows you to streamline processes by reducing the margin of error.

Unlike other solutions, Project Service Automation is easy to use and comes with the training you need to be up and running in a short time and take advantage of all its features.

Companies have only used emails to handle intervention requests, so without a ticketing system, they’ve probably experienced:

  • the difficulty of optimizing interventions
  • uncertainty about reading a request
  • who has been taken over and by whom
  • resolved and evaded
  • the difficulty of reporting at the end of the intervention and at the end of the period

If, on the other hand, the person receiving the request immediately enters the system, it is accompanied and monitored in all operational phases and in the reporting.

Nella seguente schermata: Anagrafica dei mezzi e associazione dei tecnici che li hanno in uso

A master of the means and association of the technicians who have them in use.

Advantages of Project Service Automation over other software in the Ticketing System category

  • Simatic includes a package of hours of training along with the purchase of the product; the customer can request additional hours of counselling and training at any time.
  • Users of the application can contact support by phone or email either for assistance in using the system and to report any anomalies.
  • In addition, support for reinstallations or installations on new PCs. According to the client, it is possible to remotely connect an operator in teleassistance on the user’s PC.
  • The service contract ensures that all errors encountered by the customer are resolved and the right to receive updated versions of the application that contain improvements and new features made over time by the supplier.

What are the advantages of using a ticketing system over Excel?

The application consists of two modules:

  • a Windows module accessible from pc and normally used on-site
  • a mobile module (tablet or android phone) that technicians can use during work.

In the Windows module there are several functions for assigning technicians to interventions, for calculating the costs of the intervention (the technician declares the start and end of the intervention and what spare parts he used) and you can monitor the status of an intervention request (Open, Available, Assigned, In Course, Closed).

In the mobile app, technicians can view the requests and interventions assigned to them, but also the unassigned requests that are nearby and allows the technician to take charge of them.

It is connected with Google Maps to get directions to the place of intervention.

For each assigned job, you can see any notes such as the necessary equipment or spare parts to be brought to the site, and you can consult or add attachments.

A sinistra è visibile il menù Service, in primo piano la schermata dell’anagrafica attrezzatura e sullo sfondo l’elenco di tutte le attrezzature presenti in anagrafica

The Service menu is visible on the left. In the foreground is the equipment master screen. In the background the list of all the equipment in the master data.

Free ticketing system: the benefits of PSA

  • Project Service Automation can be interfaced with some of the most popular accounting management (e.g. AD-HOC Revolution by Zucchetti)
  • It is also possible to develop procedures for the initial loading of records from other management companies in use at the company.
  • Purchasing the software and renewing the annual service fee ensures that the customer can contact Simatica’s support service over the phone or by email if necessary.

What collaboration tools does the ticketing system provide?

  • Employees can consult notes and attachments for assigned interventions at any time.
  • They can add notes and attachments (e.g. photos of work on site) that are immediately accessible to other employees if the application of the who entered them is online; if it is offline they load as soon as you restore the connection.
  • In the mobile app, the technician, when he declares the end of the intervention, generates a summary pdf document of the activities carried out, makes him sign it to the customer (the classic finger signature on the screen of the phone or tablet) and can send it by email to the customer himself.

What are the planning tools of the ticketing system?

  • An on-site employee can configure the association between the vehicles and the technicians who use them; through the weekly planner, interventions are assigned to the means and consequently to the technicians.
  • You can also enter a new request for intervention directly into the planner and assign it to one or more technicians.
  • You can view in the planner the list of assigned intervention requests, unassigned or all, you can view the notes of the day and selecting an intervention in the list of interventions, you can position yourself in the calendar on their schedule.
  • For each type of intervention you can define all the operations to be carried out and the checks to be done (for example for boiler maintenance).

Planner Intervention Requests with intervention screen detail: all intervention requests and interventions associated with it are visible. You can filter by status (see the next image).

Nella seguente schermata: Anagrafica dei mezzi e associazione dei tecnici che li hanno in uso

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