Online marketing is the key to achieving goals via the web

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Simatica uses a methodology resulting from 20 years of experience to

allow companies to achieve their goals via the web

At the heart is the online marketing plan

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To implement the online marketing plan, you will take the following steps:

  • Defining objectives

Work with company management to identify online marketing plan goals and indicators.

  • Quantitative analysis

What are the reference keywords used in the online marketing market to search for the company’s products/services?

  • Quality analysis

What are the qualifying aspects of the product/service when searching for it online?

  • Competition analysis

What are the companies that appear in search engines before the contractor in searches for keywords identified in quantitative analysis?

How do you continue?

Online Marketing

Once you find the answers to all these questions of the online marketing plan, you represent what you learned about that online market in a full mockup of conversions and call-to-action that is then discussed to the smallest detail with the stakeholders of the project.

With the approved mock-up the site goes into realization. Once published, we proceed to SEO activity and prepare an online marketing plan that works in synergy with the site to maximize conversions.

We treat every keyword in each language of the project as a different market with its content marketing and online marketing competition.

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