Human Resources Management system

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The Simatica's Human Resources Management system performs the following functions:

  • Manage the working hours of members and employees that allows the preparation of payroll. Included interface towards the CSS Zucchetti payroll application
  • Controlling site profitability
  • And managing the planning of people's activities at construction sites

Is it suitable for companies with how many users?

This Human Resources Management system is suitable for companies 8/10 employees and up.

What are the planning features?

The planning tool of our Human Resources Management system is the Planner. The main features of the Planner (the task planning tool) are as follows:

  • Configuring predefined construction sites that are proposed when a new day opens
  • Configuring Built-in Workers on Construction Sites
  • Ability to duplicate assignments (for example, I create a night shift and replicate it throughout the week)
  • Visual signals (colors), such as "night shift the previous day", "conditional shifts", "people with multiple shifts that day"
  • Notes section of the day to take notes
  • Notes on the site

Human Resources Management system: Payroll Features

Human Resources Management system captures data for payroll preparation directly from planning.

The following are managed:

  • employees' records
  • contractual levels
  • the causal and all the tables necessary for payroll processing.

The payroll preparation officer can:

  • view audit reports
  • perform the provision in the bank hours for members (also through an automation)
  • use withdrawal from bank hours
  • generate the file for the Zucchetti CSS system

All this without having to rewrite the same data several times in multiple different applications with loss of time and risk of errors.

What benefits are there to use the Simatica's Human Resources Management system instead of other software

  • Simatic includes a package of hours of training along with the purchase of the product; the customer can request additional hours of counselling and training at any time. 
  • Users of the application can contact support by phone or email either for assistance in using the system and to report any anomalies. 
  • The support service also provides support for any reinstallations or installations on new PCs. According to the client, it is possible to remotely connect an operator in teleassistance on the user's PC.
  • The service contract guarantees the resolution of all errors found by the customer and the right to receive updated versions of the application that contain improvements and new features realized over time by the Supplier.

Advantages of using Excel

In Yes.Planner, The Simatica Human Resources Management Software, have functions that allow you to plan staff shifts at the various construction sites. This is done taking into account any unavailability of employees (e.g. holidays and illnesses) and shifts of the previous or subsequent days. It is then marked with an icon if, for example, the worker has finished the night shift. This and many other functions are not present in Microsoft Excel.

Benefits over free Human Resources Management Software

Purchasing human resources management software and renewing the annual service fee is extremely useful. It ensures that the customer can contact Simatica's support if necessary.

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    Human Resources Management system

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