How to use GIMP: What skill will you obtain at the end of this course?

How to use GIMP

With this course you will learn how to use GIMP and you will be able to orient yourself perfectly with the software interface

  • How to find networked resources for graphics
  • How to use GIMP for editing and manipulating images and graphics
  • How to work with layers in GIMP
  • How to use the main discount and retouch commands
  • How to work with graphical formats


The course is aimed at all those who are interested in how to use GIMP and developing knowledge about it’s main design features.


Basic computer science knowledge


  • How to use GIMP: free
  • Gimp program interface and functionality
  • Image manipulation systems
  • Optimizing, distorting, filtering, coloring, adding objects, resizing
  • Working with layers
  • Tools to discount images
  • Exporting the .xcf file to the most common formats (jpeg, .png, etc.)
  • Overview of professional graphics tools with GIMP


Expert in design and graphics content with GIMP.

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9 hours, divided into 3 meetings of 3 hours

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    How to use GIMP

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