What will you do at the end of this Excel Power Pivot course?

Excel Power Pivot

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Excel Power Pivot Course Program:

  • Use the Excel Power Pivot interface
  • Set up relationships between data
  • Insert calculations
  • Understand the specifications of the Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) language.
  • The Power View environment
  • The Power Map environment


The Excel Power Pivot course is for people who are interested in analyzing how data is processed on a daily basis into accurate information in Excel that is available to the resources that need it. Business Intelligence solutions are the key to analyzing financial, operational, administrative, personal data, and leverage it for effective decision-making.


Good Excel & database knowledge are needed for this Excel Power Pivot course

Excel course content

  • Introduction to Excel Power Pivot,
  • Data transformation (power query)
  • Data structures
  • The basics of DAX language
  • Techniques and how to find and load data
  • Data modeling (Excel Power Pivot)
  • Creating table relationships
  • Building the Excel Power Pivot Model
  • Preparing the Excel Power Pivot Model for PowerView
  • PowerView reporting
  • Power Maps


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9 hours, divided into 3 meetings of 3 hours

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