What will you be able to do at the end of this Solid Edge course?

Corso di Solid Edge
  • Manage three-dimensional design software that is oriented to the design of mechanical systems to:
  • modeling
  • make rendering
  • simulate the movement of the parts
  • simulate the explosion of parts and components

Who needs the Solid Edge course

The Solid Edge course is aimed at workers interested in developing Solid Edge's core knowledge for assisted mechanical design management. Examples of the parametric modeling of Solids and Surfaces will be presented, multiple component assemblies, and addressed some typical mechanical design issues.


Technical design bases and Autocad knowledge are required to participate in this Solid Edge course


  • Solid and surface modeling
  • Building assemblies
  • Design within the assembly
  • Element design and development
  • Creating artboards
  • Exporting and importing templates
  • Shade
  • Coordinates in space. Three-dimensional planes
  • Three-dimensional solid modeling: Boolean operations
  • 3D commands: align, 3d rotate, 3D mirror, fillet and top
  • Solid editing operations
  • Basic and advanced commands for building and editing surfaces
  • Rendering
  • Exporting 3D models to other software
  • Printing in three-dimensional space


Marco Miccoli

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24 hours, divided into 8 meetings of 3 hours

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