Personal Branding Course program

Personal Branding Course

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What you’ll learn in this Personal Branding Course:

  • Create your own brand
  • Creating career opportunities
  • Becoming influential

Create your own brand

  • Define your current brand
  • Create your desired brand
  • Identify your audience

Quantitative analysis

Quality analysis

  • How to use opinion sites, forums and blogs to understand what aspects of our profile that visitors want to know to decide between us and our competitors
  • Writing content that answers questions from potential customers
  • Web writing techniques
  • The language of the web

Competition analysis

  • Build an online presence assessment grid for our competitors
  • Benchmarking


  • Summarize everything discovered with quantitative, qualitative and competitive analysis in a single shareable online environment
  • Communicate the project to stakeholders, graphic designers, programmers and all other figures involved not in an abstract way but with a working draft but easy to edit
  • Get started with Google Sites New
  • Introduction to Balsamiq

Marketing and positioning your brand

  • Create a strategy
  • Spread your personal brand
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Show authenticity
  • Create the perfect presentation speech

LinkedIn for personal branding

  • Create the perfect profile
  • Create the network of relevant connections
  • Create content to improve authority
  • Finding a job


  • Next steps

This and more with our Personal Branding course!


The Personal Branding course is aimed at people who are authoritative in their field or looking for work who want to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence.


No requirements are required to participate in this Personal Branding course


Alessandro Contadini

Certificate issued

Frequency certificate.

Request term

The date to define. The Personal Branding course will start from 4 enrollees.


16 hours, divided into 4 meetings of 4 hours

To be defined

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