Sell on Amazon: course program

How to sell on Amazon
  • Understanding the Amazon Marketplace
  • The benefits of selling on Amazon
  • The choices to sell on Amazon that you need to make
  • What products can you sell on Amazon?
  • New or used?
  • Sell an existing product on Amazon
  • Shipping options
  • Amazon referral commissions
  • Variable sales closing cost
  • Shipping credits
  • Logistics costs to sell on Amazon
  • Example of commissions
  • Set up an account to sell on Amazon
  • Set up an individual/small merchant account to sell on Amazon
  • Set up a professional account
  • Create items and give it a price
  • Understand product pages
  • Understanding the Buy box
  • Show a product on Amazon
  • Ship products to Amazon warehouse
  • Show on Amazon a product that wasn’t there before
  • Show products in bulk
  • Use third-party pricing systems
  • Tackling taxes
  • Ship products
  • Ship products yourself
  • Ship with Amazon logistics
  • Shipping products sold outside of Amazon
  • Manage your seller dashboard
  • Manage inventory
  • Change inventory preferences
  • Manage shipments using Amazon logistics
  • Create reports
  • Manage customers and reviews
  • Understand customer feedback
  • Request feedback and use the messaging system
  • Manage negative reviews
  • Find out how much Amazon values us
  • Ready to sell on Amazon!


The course is aimed at owners and marketing managers of companies that want to find resellers, distributors, partners, franchises via the Internet and sell on Amazon




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    How to sell on Amazon

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