B2B Digital Marketing Course program

B2B Digital Marketing Course for Companies Who Want to Reach Other Companies

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What you’ll learn in this B2B digital Marketing course:

  • The different opportunities of B2C and B2B companies
  • Differences between the B2C and B2B online markets
  • Search engine marketing role for B2B companies
  • Role of social networks for B2B companies
  • Mistakes not to make in online communication for a B2B company
  • Historical causes of errors and how to correct them
  • The emergence of new tools for online marketing B2B
  • Online marketing integration, traditional marketing and commercial network
  • Why should my potential customers choose my product over competitors?
  • What do our potential B2B customers want to know about our product when they search for online suppliers?
  • Identify keywords used in niche product searches
  • Understand what site visitors want to know to convince themselves that it’s the product for them
  • Realization of content that I answer the questions that have emerged
  • How to build a content package that has value for potential customers
  • Involvement of stakeholders and technicians in the project
  • How to convert interest in our content into quality contacts
  • Facebook LeadAds to receive contacts
  • Advanced LinkedIn search and quality leads


The B2B digital Marketing course is aimed at owners and marketing managers of companies that want to find retailers, distributors, partners, franchises via the Internet.


No requirements are required to participate in this B2B digital Marketing course


Alessandro Contadini.

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16 hours, divided into 4 meetings of 4 hours

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    B2B Digital Marketing Course for Companies Who Want to Reach Other Companies

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