What will you be able to do at the end of this AutoCad 3D course?

AutoCAD 3D Course

This AutoCAD 3D course will give you the following capabilities:

  • Create elementary solid geometric figures
  • Manage extrusion solids
  • Develop 3D models of buildings, objects and accessories


The Autocad 3D course is aimed at workers interested in developing the core knowledge of Autocad for the acquisition of professional skills to graphically translate each project information into detailed technical documentation in the areas of applicability of cad to three dimensions.


Autocad technical design bases and basic 3D knowledge are needed to take this AutoCAD 3D course.


The contents of this AutoCAD 3D course are:

  • Introduction to three-dimensional graphics
  • Transform 2d entities into 3D. Drawing basic three-dimensional entities
  • Elevation and height concepts
  • 3D view in space: view, 3d orbit, vistad
  • Perspective anometry and removal of hidden lines
  • Generating elevations and sections
  • Shade
  • Coordinates in space. Three-dimensional planes
  • Three-dimensional solid modeling: Boolean operations
  • 3D commands: align, 3d rotate, 3D mirror, fillet and top
  • Solid editing operations
  • Basic and advanced commands for building and editing surfaces
  • Rendering
  • Exporting 3D models to other software
  • Printing in three-dimensional space


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24 hours, divided into 8 meetings of 3 hours

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