Software for RFID and NFC tags

Cross platform and multi platform solutions to manage the dialogue between tags and your devices.

Customized solutions for the integration of innovative technologies

Thanks to our ICT skills we are able to create customized management software for transferring data to and from RFID and NFC tag readers and processing the resulting operations.


What is RFID? What's the difference with NFC?


This radio-frequency system allows you to quickly track and store any data about moving objects, animals or people, by applying tags on them. Tags can be very small and contain any information, but they can only be read by specific RFID devices.


NFC systems are an evolution of the RFID technology. This technology allows devices to communicate with each other at a specific distance. You can store any information on NFC tags and read and program them with your own smartphone!


Are you looking for a software to manage your RFID and NFC tags?