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Customized management

Our management program is an integrated solution that can be used by every organization member according to their role. Each employee uses the functions necessary to complete their activities, the personal dashboard allows you to keep an eye on individual commitments and deadlines.

SiProject is a complete software, able of managing every stage of the sale, before and after, contacts, opportunities and much more. The only thing that it doesn't handle is accounting, but there are other specific softwares for that.

It allows you to automatically determine the company's profitability levels by contract and by center of responsibility, through budgeting, the reporting of operators, the issuance of work progress reports.

With this business software you can manage and monitor everything concerning your customers, from the sale phase to the management of documents, offers and invoices. It can be an indispensable tool also inside the organization for employee monitoring, management and detection of attendance or time control.

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