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Spam is a problem that threatens your work! Identifying and eliminating spam from your mail implies a waste of time and a drop in productivity. Furthermore, there is the real possibility that spam messages contain viruses that can infect the entire network and cause much more serious damage to the entire infrastructure.The solution you should adopt is Libra Esva, the "Made in Italy" antispam certified by VirusBulletin, rewarded as the best antispam since 2012.

Our solution works in cloud, which means it can block spam before it reaches the corporate mail server, reducing internet traffic resulting from receiving unnecessary messages. It's an Anti-spam engine with 13 levels of analysis and 99.96% accuracy in spam detection. It includes enterprise features such as greylisting, Bayesian analysis, header and body message analysis, content filtering, sender policy framework (SPF), recipient verification and others. You can also create custom blacklists by user or domain.


The advantages:

  • Advanced multilevel antispam protection
  • Up to three anti-virus engines
  • Complete tracking of emails with Audit and delivery reports
  • Intelligent management of newsletters
  • Phishing and Malware detection
  • Ability to apply filters on emails attachments
  • Content filtering to set rules on junk mail

Anti-virus protection

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Select include Kaspersky Security Center, it's an integrated management console that provides centralized control over all Kaspersky Lab endpoint security technologies running in the corporate environment. Kaspersky also provides a set of preconfigured policies to enable rapid implementation of network security. Small and medium-sized businesses face many of the same threats affecting large companies, but often the resources for management and protection are lacking.


All companies should:

Protect company and customer data from threats such as cryptolocker and data theft

Preserve business continuity by keeping IT systems running, efficient and safe

Protect the workforce and mobile devices, including in BYOD scenarios

Firewall next generation

Sophos XG Firewall is optimized for modern businesses, as it provides all the protection and analytical capabilities you need in a single, powerful, easy-to-manage appliance. Each XG Firewall comes with Basic Firewall features, which include IPSec, SSL VPN and Wireless Protection. You can extend the scope of security with our Total Protection bundles or by adding individual protection modules.

  • Network Protection: block the most sophisticated attacks and the most advanced threats
  • Wireless Protection: setting up, managing and protecting wireless networks
  • Web Protection: complete web protection and application control
  • Security Heartbeat: connects your Sophos endpoint firewall for protection against advanced threats
  • Email Protection: complete protection for SMTP and POP messages against spam, phishing and data loss
  • Web Server Protection: advanced protection for web servers and business applications against hacking attempts

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