It is the ideal financing solution for those who want to start a new business, but also for those who want to undertake refresher courses for their company or improve their existing business.


What are non-repayable grants?

Subsidized loans and non-repayable loans are forms of assistance with which the State and the Regions encourage the development of existing companies and the creation of start-ups.
Sometimes a State, Region or organization, decides to give funds to entrepreneurs who requests it. The state decides to invest in an entrepreneur because it believes in its projects and in the resulting benefits, to the point that it does not demand the return of contributions. The aim is to promote economic development, self-employment and incentivize employment, with particular regard to female and youth entrepreneurship.

How can we help you

We identify the best financing opportunities, we provide business development strategies by the analysis and verification of the best opportunities for subsidized financing, we support you until the implementation of the project in its every stage.


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