Our method

A team of external consultants can be activated on request and can provide the necessary skills for the development of the project.

The contribution and assistance of Smart Funding help create value for companies through the provision of the following services:
  • Preliminary survey aimed at identifying the needs, the opportunities and the qualifying elements of the client company, in order to identify the best opportunities for subsidized financing in relation to its projects, investment programs and development.
  • Analysis and verification of the best financing opportunities for companies.
  • Enhancement of the elements that qualify the identified project, in relation to the funding objectives.
  • Setting of the documents necessary for financing, preparation of attachments, identification of the items of expenditure eligible for facilitations and submission of the application / project, through the means required by the call, paper and Web.
  • Assistance during the preliminary investigation and all the ongoing management of the project.
  • Preparation of reporting at closure of the project.

Who can be eligible for funding

It is the ideal financing solution for those who want to start a new business, but also for those who want to undertake refresher courses for their company or improve their existing business.


Some types of funding calls



SME innovation

Tourism and culture

Research and Development

Digital Making

Innovative Startups

Corporate Networks


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