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One of our flagship products is called SiProject.
SiProject is a complete software that integrates several functions and one of the main ones is that of CRM.


What is a CRM?

First of all CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, which is a program for the management of customers or rather a system to interact and maintain relationships more effectively with current or potential customers, other companies and individuals.

It's a winning strategy for every business: a new working method and process management that, by achieving organizational efficiency, allows to increase the company turnover, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. It's a new market logic, more customer oriented instead than product oriented.

Companies use CRM programs to organize their customer database, as well as manage the profiles of acquired and potential customers, so as to subsequently design activities and strategies to help capture new customers and maximize profits on loyal customers, trying to understand their needs and expectations.


This kind of program leads to a business strategy that combines concepts and tools of marketing, information systems and organization, and its main feature is the management of long-term relationship with the customer and the evolutionary path of customer loyalty.

CRM functions allow the enhancement and better organization of trade actions, such as marketing campaigns through mailing, telephone calls, ticketing, database and customer management, etc.

Thanks to SiProject it is also possible:

  • Manage leads from commercial activities
  • Develop leads in negotiations
  • Negotiation can lead to the formulation of commercial offers
  • Confirmed offers automatically become orders that trigger the billing process

Can using a CRM improve my business?

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to sell products and services in a national market that can not be defined as growing, but rather marked by the fall in prices and the decline of services provided.

Thanks the use of a CRM, you can keep track of the social networking and events that have characterized your relationship with a client, which allows you to better understand his needs and therefore emerge and stand out in today's market.


Which companies need a CRM the most?

CRM is a marketing strategy, therefore it is not linked to a single company category or a specific sector of activity.

The purpose of CRM is to increase the customer satisfaction by improving the way we relate and interact with him. For each company it is very important to learn how to relate better with each one, how to identify the most valuable customers and implement solutions to guarantee they will receive the best feedback possible.

However SiProject is not just a marketing tool for finding new business opportunities, it's also a useful support to the ordinary activity of managing the relationship with the customer, from his initial information or estimate request, to the after-sale assistance.


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